How We Started

Within London and other major cities, there is a wealth of low cost lectures and discussion groups for those interested in non mainstream beliefs that are not accessible to those in rural areas, those on a low income or for people with childcare issues.

With an educational aim in mind, Pagan Radio was born.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE! Due to server issues and the nature of our contributions it is no longer possible to have a schedule of programmes. However all programmes remain on air for one quarter.

The following programmes will run from now until the Spring Equinox:

New! The Samhain programme from The C.O.A

Shamanism presented by Debbie Eliott and Artura

Frau Holle and Karnival presented by Hildegard Maier

East End Urban Legends by Scott Wood

The Moot with No Name. Jack Parsons presented by Paul Green

The Moot with no name. A talk by the late Steve Ash

Occult Lives with Debbie and Janna, Russian Fairytales

One Tribe presented by Marc Power and Dirk Bruer

The Knights Templar recorded at S.E.L.F.s and presented by Simon Brighton

The Bavarian Illuminati presented by the late Steve Ash

Historical Rune Interpretations presented by Geoff Alderman

Freya Aswyn. The Runes

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